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Very few 3D software applications can accurately present bottles as they appear in the real world.  The reason that Buzz 3D has mastered this highly complex technical achievement is because of -

  • REFLECTION - is the imagery you see in the glass surface which attempts to create the illusion of the surrounding view seen in the bottle surface.
  • REFRACTION - is the degree to which what you see 'through' the bottle is distorted and stretched / magnified etc.
  • OPACITY/TRANSPARENCY/ALPHA - the terms given to the degree to which the object obscures the background. 100% transparency means that the object does not obscure the background at all and is, essentially, invisible. 0% transparency means you can't see through it at all. 50% gives you a tinted effect, etc.
  • EDGE-SHADER - Adjusts the opacity and brightness of the surface depending upon its angle of presentation to you, making the bottle glass appear and less transparent around its edges.
  • SPECULARITY/GLOSSINESS - the degree to which the real-time lighting brightens the surface it hits, and the colour and size of that bright area. In the real world, this is an aspect of 'reflection' but this is not a valid concept in our virtual reality. Instead, reflection is handled separately (see above) and does not attempt to reflect lighting, only objects. The absence of any lighting in the reflection maps is compensated for by the specularity/glossiness shader, which governs how an object's surface looks under a light source.



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