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Clients may have promotional creatives being either videos, images, presentations, etc or other content that they wish to show within the 3D environment, again this is no problem.

In fact, we even have an interface to allow Clients to change content in specific locations enabling them to put the best content in the most appropriate position.


The 3D engine is capable of presenting a diverse range of multimedia content seamlessly within the 3D environment. This includes video, audio, photographs/images, live web content (including Flash), live and recorded television, MP3's, and internet radio. The multimedia source will typically be rendered onto a 3D model, usually a 3D screen, billboard, television, monitor, radio, etc; however, any 3D object can adopt the ability to display media of any type. It is possible to view any number of these screens or other devices simultaneously within the 3D world, each with their own multimedia source playing at the same time if deemed appropriate.

All multimedia content may be generated either as a conventional 2D soundfield, or a true 3D audio soundfield, as required.

Please contact us at to discuss your individual requirements.

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