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Below is an example of how Buzz 3D are able to take the contents of a photograph and recreate it as an interactive virtual reality environment :

Image 1 - Initally a set of highly detailed photographs are taken of each specific product and from this Buzz 3D can create geometry and textures to make a 3D model.


Image 2
- The completed 3D models can then be setup to look as if they would in any retail situation. The geometry and textures for the shelving, store and surrounding area again being created inhouse by Buzz 3D.


Image 3
- Animation can be included so that a mouse click can summon a particular product to be examined.


Image 4 - Whole shelves, aisles and stores can be recreated to demonstrate a retail environment, or in turn any commercial or residential environmnet could be created by Buzz 3D which enables users to freely navigate through and explore the unlimited interactivity which can be included.


For more detailed information or to discuss a particular project that may benefit from Buzz 3D technology please contact our CEO, Ian Medhurst at



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